Continuing Education in Art & Design

Continuing Education in Art and Design (CEAD) at NCAD offers an extensive range of part-time flexible art and design courses. With a student body of over 600 and a programme of more than 50 courses throughout the year, CEAD caters for a range of levels from beginners to those seeking a route to professional status. Continuing Education offers programmes that support critical thinking, collaboration and creativity, essential learning skills in contemporary life. Continuing Education offers part-time accredited Certificate and Diploma options for mature students. Our one-year Certificate courses include; Drawing and Visual Investigation, Photography and Digital Imaging and Visual Art Practice. Students who successfully complete a Certificate can apply to the part-time Diploma in Art. Accredited part-time programmes within CEAD are University programmes at L7 NFQ. Non-credit courses and workshops are offered to students who want to return to third level art and design education but need to develop their skills and knowledge, before committing to accredited options. CEAD provides continuing professional development options to students who want to up-skill and acquire further professional experience. The campus is located in the city with access to a range of public transport options.

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  • Courses
  • Certificate in Photography and Digital Imaging
  • Certificate in Drawing and Visual Investigation
  • Diploma in Art and Design


  • Photography and Digital Imaging:
  • Sergio Alvarez
  • Adeline Butler
  • Anna Cassidy
  • Emma Delaney
  • Elizabeth Downes
  • Spencer Glover
  • Catherine Hooper
  • Stephen McPadden
  • -
  • Drawing and Visual Investigation:
  • Dermot Blighe
  • Robert Byrne
  • Karen Cunningham
  • Cleide deOliveira
  • Mary Duggan
  • Jacqueline Enright
  • Mary Fanning
  • Jenifer Fortune
  • Gill Geoghegan
  • Thomas Hand
  • Anne Kenna
  • Yvette Monahan
  • William Murphy
  • Kenneth O'Halloran
  • Johanna Pykala
  • Camille Rubin
  • Kate Zanchetta.
  • -
  • Diploma in Art:
  • Leila Anglade
  • Tara Carroll
  • Olwyn Colgan
  • John Doyle
  • Deirdre Hoey
  • Mary Hoy
  • Deborah Jacobs
  • Bertrand Karbowy
  • Martyna Lebryk
  • Claire Lynch
  • Dympna Mahoney
  • Patricia Nixon
  • Sinead O'Heaire
  • Justyna Ward
  • Trevor Woods
Professor Nuala Hunt
Head of Department of Continuing Education
Deirdre Hoey, Breaking Out
Spencer Glover, Elvis - Tribute Act Series
People in Situations - John Doyle
Leila Anglade - "Amorphous” or the rebellion against the pixels
“Sleepwalkers” Martyna Lebryck
Cells to Tubes, Mary Hoy
Neoscapes, by Patricia Nixon.
Spencer Glover, Tina Turner - Tribute Act Series
‘Circles & Orbitals’ Trevor Woods