MA Interaction Design

The MA Interaction Design is a one-year, full time taught studio-based course, which focuses on the design of digital applications, products, experiences, systems and services. Led by a human-centered approach, the MA brings together candidates from a range of creative and technical fields and prepares graduates to play a leading role in the development of emerging technology in society.

At the core of the programme is a focus on the needs of people. Through a range of studio projects students learn to conduct people-centered research, extract meaningful insights, create and visualise concepts, and develop and evaluate prototypes in context. The studio environment is an essential component of the MA, fostering collaborative and peer-to-peer learning.

Students are exposed to a broad range of topics and real-world contexts through projects with industry and external stakeholders and through engagement with design practitioners and visiting academics. Through project work students engage in fieldwork connecting with the local community, businesses and organisations. Covering the theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline, the course encourages students to design from both a pragmatic and speculative perspective, to imagine things as they might be and not necessarily as they are.


  • Yen Ting Chen
  • Calvin Freeman
  • Gabor Fulop
  • Matthew Gaughran
  • John Glynn
  • Kevin Glynn
  • Jennifer Groarke
  • Ciara Haughney
  • Aisling Keady
  • Roisin Keyes
  • Michelle Kiernan
  • Aoife Ludlow
  • Alan Mac Farlane
  • Shiwen Wang
  • Paul Woods
21 Moments – Alan Mac Farlane
A Playful Process – Aisling Keady, Aoife Ludlow & Alan Mac Farlane
Come Ear Ta Me – Calvin Freeman, Matthew Gaughran & Kevin Glynn
Glimmer – Roisin Keyes
Gone Before Their Time – Jennifer Groarke
Hello Neighbour – Jennifer Groarke, Ciara Haughney, Shiwen Wang & Paul Woods
Play for the Sake of Play – John Glynn, Roisin Keyes & Michelle Kiernan
Sound Catcher – Alan Mac Farlane
Streetroots – Yen Ting Chen, Michelle Kiernan, Aoife Ludlow & Alan Mac Farlane