First Year Art & Design Studies

First year Art and Design Studies begins with a multi-disciplinary programme designed to encourage all our students to explore and experiment as widely as possible using many materials, processes and approaches. This foundation gives our students the opportunity to develop a strong understanding of the broad range of disciplines and possibilities available to them. Whether they have already chosen their pathway or have come into First Year to explore and make this choice, each individual is supported to make sure that they pursue the right course for them. It is a place to both make and test choices. Leading this learning experience is a team of art and design educators who represent all fourteen specialist fields that are available in NCAD. This is a rich programme encompassing studio practice, workshops, tutorials, visiting lectures, seminars, gallery visits and field trips. As the largest first year Art and Design programme in Ireland, this is an exciting environment where students can build the vital connections that will lay the foundations for future collaborations in the career ahead of them.


Professor Mary Avril Gillan
Head of First Year Art & Design
Graphic Design
Illustration – Megan Luddy
Jewellery & Objects
Paint – Mathew Coll
Painting – Mathew Coll
Print – Joe Marmion
Sculpture – Aoife McCloughlin
Sculpture – Anna Entrambasaguas
TAA – Lisa Della Chiesa