Anni Ren
Technology, Tradition & Organism

The concept of technology exhaustion partly derived from contemporary fashion exhaustively mediated through digital technology, inspires this collection.

Research for the collection was based on computer hardware and software. Dismantled PCs influences the cut and structure, while the compulsive consumption of gaming software pushes the chaotic cyber aesthetic.

To counteract this hyper-cyber frenzy, the collection reflects tradition and organic life. Traditional Chinese garment types are reinterpreted with innovative detailing and the incorporation of organisms such as the unappealing forms of spiders and worms expresses the notion, ‘fun’ and ‘unpredictability’ to apply the idea of fashion as an organic second skin.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Studio: (Studio+)

1 of 5 - Cotton canvas jacket with paracord fastening details worn with adjustable waistband trousers.
2 of 5 - Transformable jacket worn with digitally printed cotton dress.
3 of 5 - Faux ostrich hood & top worn with linen & digitally printed cotton trousers.
4 of 5 - Line-up of 3.
5 of 5 - ‘Noise Cyberspace’ - An exhausted and reflective cyber place of the psychological mind.