Dora Newman

This title collection is based on fashion and Architecture.
It was inspired by church buildings in Ireland and the Boboli Gardens in Italy.
The collection presents fashionable women’s garments executed in luxury hand-crafted techniques.
In some instances, heritage skills add structure to fabric such as origami creating solid forms out of flat dupion silk. In other instances, the craft techniques achieve the opposite, with a lighter dupion frayed to create an almost fluid effect out of the original fabric.
Other fabrics used include mesh-Lycra, Grosgrain and Crin plain pieced together with stitch and rivets-stud in colours of Black and Gold

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

1 of 5 Fabric used mesh-lycra dupion silk hand frayed with rivet stud embellished design and Grosgrain Trouser
2 of 5 lycra dupion silk folded bracelet
3 of 5 Grosgrain and Crin plain Jacket with dupion silk and rivet stud embellished and Grosgrain Trouser
4 of 5 Satin dress with Crin plain and rivet stud embellished
5 of 5 The Archetype of dress Crin plain pieced together with stitch and dupion silk, rivet stud embellished