Elizabeth Adejoke Omowumi
Bonded and United

This collection, based on ceremonial war costume, military uniforms and weapons of war is inspired by a desire for peace and unity and an end to war.
It combines technology and functionality, with the exuberance, colour and craft of the Yoruba culture and the African fabric. From 3D crowns, costumes, veils and umbrellas, the collection bonds African wax fabric with the classic western cloth, denim, through techniques varying from bonding, laser-cutting to tufting. The collection aims to create something new in contemporary fashion, by bonding cultures in celebration rather than war. The end of war calls for jubilation and celebration.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

1 of 5 - oversized petaled t-shirt photographed by Faolán Carey
2 of 5 - hooded voluminous jacket photographed by Faolán Carey
4 of 5 - petaled t-shirt worn over baggy jeans photographed by Faolán Carey