Heather Gilroy
'Among the Flat Pink Roses'

Inspired by the ‘Repeal the Eight’ movement this collection highlights discourse surrounding the various circumstances of pregnancy and motherhood. Imagery from Sylvia Plath’s poetry provided a darker side of motherhood - often overlooked - with her images of roses and victorian nightwear, incorporated here through fabric manipulation.

In contrast the second key source is male tailoring of the same era, when padding, stitch, fit and, most importantly pockets, provided bodily structure, authority, physical and economic mobility and protective armour - a far cry from the ‘cow heavy’ description of Plath’s experience. ‘Among the Flat Pink Roses’ aims to construct and celebrate modern femininity.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

1 of 5 - AmongTheFlatPinkRoses. Outfit 1: Silk Slip Dress, Tulle Dress with Laser Cut Silk gathered layers, Acetate and Silk Hairband.
2 of 5 - AmongTheFlatPinkRoses. Outfit 2: Cashmere Sweater, Silk Taffeta Trousers and Laser Cut Skirt and Cotton Organdie Waistcoat.
3 of 5 - AmongTheFlatPinkRoses. Outfit 3: Cashmere Sweater, Silk Slip Dress, Sheer Slip Dress with Fagoting, Acetate/ Tulle Hairband and Bag.
4 of 5 - AmongTheFlatPinkRoses. Outfit 4: Cashmere Sweater, Silk Taffeta Trousers and Laser cut skirt and Cotton Organdie Waistcoat
5 of 5 - AmongTheFlatPinkRoses. Outfit 5: Heavy Satin Coat with Laser Etching, Detachable Pockets, Hand Stitched Collar, Acetate and Silk Hairband.