Orla Dempsey
Tougher Stuff

This collection celebrates the strength of women . I not only look towards the women of WWII, who overcame adversity, but my own feminist icon, my mother.

This collection contrasts workwear and lingerie to represent the masculine and feminine qualities women possess. The phrase “made of tougher stuff” resonates with me as my mother has used it as a mantra throughout my life.

The collection aims to make women feel strong & capable. These garments allow them to flirt with their masculine side through utility and function, while embracing their feminine side through delicate silk paintings and hand beading work.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

1 of 5 - Nine to Five romper. Photographed by Faolán Carey
2 of 5 - Painters Dungarees and the Angie silk romper. Photographed by Faolán Carey
3 of 5 - Utility belt paired with the Meet Me After Work skirt. Photographed by Faolán Carey
4 of 5 - Nine to five romper. Photographed by Faolán Carey
5 of 5 - Flower Smith top and Tougher stuff Bucket hat. Photographed by Faolán Carey