Úna King

Bivouac : a temporary encampment utilising materials readily available.
This project examines intergenerational connections between families through the symbol of a tent. Shared over generations as a source of enjoyment and to learn to be prepared for all exigencies. A Bivouac Shelter provides protection against even the harshest weather conditions.
The tent adapts itself for its function in the moment, a home, a carrier, a social centre. The pieces in this collection transition through spaces providing wearable tools for the modern city dweller. Dublin city itself is reflected in the colours, textures and shapes of the collection.
A city survival kit.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Studio: (International)

1 of 5 - Poncho and outfit 2, storm lash jumper and eave skirt
2 of 5 - Bivouac group shot
3 of 5 - Bivouac group shot
4 of 5 - Poncho
5 of 5 - Poncho and Canopy Poncho connected