Viktorija Mineikyte
Hand-Down Chronicle

This unisex collection focuses on the emotional and sensory significance of garments passed on through generations. It aims to capture the emotional attachment to garments; the smell, tactility and comfort of a mother’s hand knit sweater, her worn out jeans, a father’s old jacket.
I have lived in Ireland since childhood and coming from Eastern Europe, I wanted to re- connect with my heritage. Photographs, old clothes and other primary sources along with my surroundings in Ireland combined to inform the silhouette and colour stories in the collection.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

1 of 5 – Mohair and Puff Paste Knit Sweater
2 of 5 – Coated Cotton Bomber Jacket, Photographed by Faolan Carey
3 of 5 – Alpaca Wool Handknit Jumpsuit
4 of 5 – Back view of Handknit Jumpsuit
5 of 5 – Waxed and Coated Cotton Coat