Síomha Reid
Little Roots to Bigger Shoots

My project looks at the importance of outdoor play for developing and broadening a child’s mind and imagination, focusing on the use of their hands to learn. The connectivity of the hands and brain through play has immeasurable benefits and my research has shown that the decline of outdoor play has led to social and psychological problems in children. In my work, I document the benefits of the outdoors and highlight how we can encourage imaginative play. “The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky.” (Margaret McMillan, 1925).

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

1 of 5 - Outdoor Play cut into leaves, photographed by Síomha Reid, 2 of 5 - Mother and child in nature, photographed by Síomha Reid, 3 of 5 - Poster with quote designed by Síomha Reid, 4 of 5 - Child's hand prints on canvas, photographed by Síomha Reid, 5 of 5 - Playing with words outside, photographed by Síomha Reid