Sadhbh Nic Pháidín

Dealing with family, media and Dublin this project is a young woman's attempt to undo presumptions surrounding her sexuality. Using studies of women from the one family spanning a hundred years and documentation of surrounding imposed views of sexuality the answer is in video, book and painting. A short movie represents the relationship between media and self, a book that visually documents a young woman’s thoughts in relation to surrounding implications of sexuality and paintings that portray the mindset of a woman from years of absorbing a forced version of self, the answer is merely a beginning of understanding yourself.

BA (Hons) Illustration

1. SEXY SURFACES: scan of book designed by Sadhbh Nic Pháidín using photography by Sadhbh Nic Pháidín
2. TIDDYMCNIDDY: photography collage and illustration of body by Sadhbh Nic Pháidín
3. BISEX: scans and edits from Dutch sex Magazine ‘Bisex Bizonder’
4. BIZONDER: scans and edits from Dutch sex Magazine ‘Bisex Bizonder’