Ali Moore

‘No-nee-nee’ is an abstraction of traditional wildflower games, with a focus on the assembly of daisy chains, petals plucked for love and bright yellow buttercups held beneath our chins.
These associations are nostalgic and ephemeral in the sense that they exist during the bright, warm summer months and rarely last beyond a week after creation, thus a momentary phenomena.
The impermanence of childhood contrasts with the rigidness of adulthood through the delicate vilene sections set in the solid jesmonite shapes. This combination of tactility encourages playful interaction from viewers of all ages.

BA (Hons) Jewellery & Objects

1 of 5 - Nóinín chain, laser-cut vilene, silicone.
2 of 5 - Buttercup ring, laser-cut vilene, silicone, jesmonite.
3 of 5 - Buttercup ring, Loves Me Not ring, Nóinín ring.
4 of 5 - Nóinín detail, laser-cut vilene, silicone.
5 of 5 - Loves Me Not ring and brooch, laser-cut vilene, silicone, jesmonite.