Hanaka Kennedy
美的 “bi • teki” – Aesthetic

The Japanese aesthetic is explored within this jewellery collection. The sleek surface and seductive colour-way of traditional Japanese lacquerware has influenced the design process. Copper is domed and oxidised mirroring a black lacquer bowl whilst rice is coated in ink and set inside. Varnish is applied to strengthen the rice and add a glossy finish creating a lacquer-like effect. Gold flakes are sprinkled on top as the ‘garnish’. Rice and lacquerware continue to be predominant features of Japanese cuisine today. Each wearable translates a fusion of the intricate beauty of Japanese food presentation and the effortless beauty of Japanese design.

BA (Hons) Jewellery & Objects

1 of 5 - Drop Earrings & Brooch
2 of 5 - Stud Earrings & Brooch
3 of 5 - Stud Earrings & Drop Earrings with a nylon-satin cord
4 of 5 - Brooch
5 of 5 - Medium & Large Rings