Paul Egor

Space. For this project I've researched different mediums about outer space. By the end of my research I decided to make 7 brooches. The idea behind these pieces is my personal representation of space through jewellery. The first brooch is the representation of a sci-fi spaceship orbiting the moon. The second and third pieces are two designs of the same spaceship. The forth piece is the moon and stars. Piece number five is the Sputnik satellite and the trajectory if it was sent out of our orbit. The sixth piece is the moon and different stars around it, and the seventh piece is our Galaxy - Earth, the sun, the moon and stars.

BA (Hons) Jewellery & Objects

1 of 5 - Sci-fi spaceship and moon
2 of 5 - Sci-fi spaceship
3 of 5 - Moon and stars
4 of 5 - Sputnik satelite and trajectory
5 of 5 - Sun, Earth, Moon and stars