Alison Doherty

Ireland's waters are thriving with sea life, however in restaurants, the shells of seafood are considered waste, with the majority sent to landfill. Mara is a bioplastic, derived from chitosan extracted from discarded prawn exoskeletons. The intent is to draw awareness to this issue by replacing common ocean polluting plastics with the bioplastic material. Mara, which comes from the Gaeilge, bia mara (seafood), sets out to create value from a waste stream while also producing functional single-use eating utensils.

BA (Hons) Product Design

Waste prawn shells being prepared for Chitin to Chitosan extraction
Sampling the thin bioplastic material
Sampling bonding of material to ratios of adhesive
Sampling of thin material with natural dyes from fruit + vegetables
The Mara ‘Pincher’ pictured in hand with the waste exoskeletons it is made from