Amy Sexton
PoP : Community Values

Council estates are often burdened with reputations that their communities don’t have the opportunity to change. Pride of Place’s core aim is to give back ownership to these communities. PoP is an initiative to champion the invisible trading of favours rooted in our culture through the mechanism of a national competition. It incorporates social capital as a form of currency to keep the local economy prosperous by involving local businesses. The service is supported by Community Values, an 8 player game that teaches the participants how the elements of PoP work by stepping into the characters' shoes and uncovering their stories.

BA (Hons) Product Design

Studio: (Studio+)

1 of 5 - Community centre workshop using Community Values
2 of 5 - PoP social currency being used in local business
3 of 5 - PoP platform that supports the service
4 of 5 - Players step into someone else shoes through the character cards
5 of 5 - Community Values is a learning tool for the various elements of the service