Peter Morgan

What is fascinating about industrial design are the extreme swings between the realms of the abstract and the practical. We get to deconstruct and challenge assumptions like a philosopher but then the challenge falls on us to build things back up again.

How much of our appliances are actually essential? By weight, one sixth of a conventional toaster actually makes toast, the other five makes a toaster.

In designing a minimalist toaster I tried to highlight this disparity between bulk and essence in the conventional toaster by stripping it down to its most important features.

BA (Hons) Product Design

Studio: (Studio+)

1 of 5_PeterMorgan_The 6:1 Toaster.
2 of 5_PeterMorgan_Reducing a toaster to its essence: two upright hot things.
3 of 5_PeterMorgan_Distributed feature set: Spreading the features of a toaster across objects the user already possesses like plates and egg timers.
4 of 5_PeterMorgan_Design for disassembly and repair: A hinging cover and special screws let the user access everything by removing two screws with a butterknife.
5 of 5_PeterMorgan_The most common fault with toasters is element wire breakage. Perforations in the element material allow tears to be made and broken wire ends to be pulled and twisted together.