Aoife Mckenna

‘I don’t want to show clothes, I want to show attitude… it has to be about a psychology, a mentality’ - Raf Simons.
LADS is a utilitarian, experimental menswear textile collection celebrating the Irish working class youth of lad culture. Acknowledging fashion as a language of dress, my collection represents a bold expression of the lad’s hedonistic, irreverent, energetic and rebellious lifestyle through challenging textile approaches alongside a strong influence from abstract expressionism and documentary photography. As well as being expressive and fearless, LADS symbolizes a personal bold rebuff against the demonization of this subculture, especially in the face of society’s bubbling toxic masculinity.

BA (Hons) Textile & Surface Design

Studio: Joint Course Visual Culture

1 of 5 - Abstract Collage
2 of 5 - Re-worked Photograph
3 of 5 - Spray Painted Screen print
4 of 5 - Reflective Dirt Bike
5 of 5 - Laser Etched Denim