Elsa Fitzgibbon

My womenswear textile collection is inspired by the botanic gardens in Dublin. Nature has been a fascinating source to explore with unusual textures and surface qualities seen in my woven and stitch work. The concept of tactility is a key part of everything that I do and the way in which I work as I observe three dimensional elements, the idea of layering and semi-transparencies within fabric and yarn choices. I am using natural materials for all of my base fabrics and yarns with small areas of synthetic fabrics as I am responding to issues with sustainable textiles.

BA (Hons) Textile & Surface Design

1 of 5 - Small floats with a block set up.
2 of 5- Large boucle floats across a gridded background.
3 of 5- Small block set up with wool and paper yarns.
4 of 5- Small greyscale cut floats with mohair and alpaca yarns.
5 of 5-Metallic and mohair yarn twill with textured mohair floats.