Jessica Morris
Alternative Beauty

Alternative beauty is a womenswear textile collection focussed on the alluring qualities of implicit beauty. Taking inspiration from transparent and rustic elements found within nature, my work conveys disintegrating, delicate qualities which are embedded in botanics as they transcend from fresh to faded. Alternative Beauty consists of light silk, velvet fabrics with heavy uses of devore, foils and discharge to illustrate and heighten the elegance and appeal of nature deterioration. My objective is to instill confidence in the female wearer, portraying beauty and courage within the women who invests in my collection.

BA (Hons) Textile & Surface Design

1 of 5 - Silk/Viscose Velvet with Discharge and Devore Print.
2 of 5 - Silk/Viscose Satin Acid Printed with hints of Discharge and Devore.
3 of 5 - Bamboo Silk with use of Devore to achieve a disintegrating effect.
4 of 5 - Silk/Viscose Satin with Acid Print and Discharge.
5 of 5 - Bamboo Silk with Discharge.