Lelde Lasmane-Slisane
Reuse to Reduce !

Guilt free range made from 100% old and recycled clothing. My collection combats the textiles industry being one of the largest contributors to global pollution. By using traditional weaving techniques and looking at abstract floral shapes in nature, I have created an interior collection. Focusing on using centuries old techniques, I’ve taken liking to creating elevate yet durable rugs, throws and cushions that are perfect for the living room. The range of samples are zero cost, low waste and guilt free.

BA (Hons) Textile & Surface Design

Studio: (International)

1 of 4 - materials, 2 of 4 - process, 3 of 4 - sample rug, 4 of 4 range - of samples photographed by Lelde Lasmane-Slisane