Rebecca Byrne
Through the Eyes of a Child'

‘Through the Eyes of a Child’ tackles the growing issue of the overuse of electronic devices amongst children today by reminding them of their inherent connection with nature and creativity. I experiment with drawing, painting and collage to make my own imaginative imagery. My screen prints and digital designs have child-like, mark making qualities. My work challenges conventional textile surfaces by inspiring children to step away from their screens and interact with my designs through tactile and interactive elements. I emphasise the importance of touch for child development by incorporating raised surfaces through puff, bonding, felting and velcro attachments.

BA (Hons) Textile & Surface Design

1 of 5 - Tactile, Abstract Jungle
2 of 5 - Nature Collaged
3 of 5 - Interactive velcro piece
4 of 5 - Badge it
5 of 5 - Digital prints