Sanju Gautam

Coming from Nepal my cultural identity is very important to me, and I want to express this through my printed textiles. Nepal is full of cultural history, beautiful scenery and outstanding decorations. Ornamentation from the temples as well as the beautiful colours of rhododendron flowers, birds and dragonflies all combine to form the basis of this collection.
Line drawings of the temples, their ornamental details, the flowers and colours of the decorative birds create large, colourful and dramatic repeat patterns on drapery and furnishing fabrics for this interiors collection aimed at hotel spaces in Ireland.

BA (Hons) Textile & Surface Design

1 of 5 - National flower/Temple
2 of 5 - Metallic
3 of 5 - Swayambhu
4 of 5 - Foil/Glitter
5 of 5 - Digital