Suzie Higgins
Disgustingly Pretty

What is disgusting? Are we raised to know this, programmed at birth, or maybe we are just manipulated by social media to judge away to our heart's content? My collection is about combating this. It is about exposing the photoshopped Instagram world of shallow perfection and having depth in beauty through maximalism, vivid colours and detail. Inspired by the traditional disgusting, cow tongues, tripe, mould and the inside textures of the human body. I have created a statement collection of Instagram worthy textiles more like art, showing people beauty is in everything and can come from anywhere when unrestricted.

BA (Hons) Textile & Surface Design

Studio: (Studio+)

1 of 4 - Disgustingly Pretty Drinks photographed by Suzie Higgins
2 of 4 - Polka-dot Polaroids photographed by Suzie Higgins
3 of 4 - Bar Blues photographed by Suzie Higgins
4 of 4 - Insta Gin photographed by Suzie Higgins