Finn Melvin Caird
Believers, seekers and those in-between.

This project is about Alchemy, and its combination of faith and science. Most practices that do so today are regarded as pseudo sciences. This is an investigation into what a modern day alchemist would look like. Is it the life coach, the crystal healer or the priest? Strangely, all these practitioners shared communality. It looks at this intersection of belief that’s necessary for the transformation of self. The project looks at stages of transformation: believing, seeking, and somewhere in between.

BA (Hons) Visual Communication

Studio: (Studio+)

1 of 3 It is difficult to emerge from the world. It is easy to be submerged by it.
2 of 3 What if what went on in the Inside showed on the Outside. Photograph taken by Ríon Murphy.
3 of 3 A Marked Change.