Saoirse Reddin
My Relationship with Death

One of the things I find most fulfilling about art is being able to highlight the beauty I see in places where others might not, and I love the chance it offers others to do the same to me.

My project 'My Relationship with Death' is an exploration of the beauty in death and how we as humans cope with the idea of death and the different circumstances leading to it, some more gruesome and upsetting than others. Through illustrations, podcasts, paintings and more, I connect with others to talk about the only guaranteed thing in life, death.

BA (Hons) Visual Communication

Studio: (Studio+)

1 of 4 - Rodney - Photographed by Saoirse Reddin
2 of 4 - Rodney’s Life Before Death - Illustration by Saoirse Reddin
3 of 4 - Immortalized - Painting by Saoirse Reddin
4 of 4 - My Relationship with Death - Painting by Saoirse Reddin