Hannah Martin
Safe Place

In my project, I am looking at the deterioration and cognitive declination caused by Alzheimer's disease. Most sufferers of Alzheimer's find their safe place, a moment in which they freeze in time. This sometimes refers to people, places or even a particular time in their lives, e.g. childhood. My project is based around my grandfather's safe place and that gradual declination, from the wellies at the door, to the slippers at the chair and eventually the pyjamas at the bed, this marks out the different stages of the disease that are representative of him.

Teaching Placements and Community Partners

St. Louis Secondary School, Dundalk, Co. Louth.
Lucan Community College, Lucan, Dublin 22.
St Brigid's Special School, Dundalk, Co. Louth.

Joint Hons BA Education & Fine Art (Material Cultures)

Studio: BA (Hons) Fine Art (Material Cultures)

1 of 5 - Concrete Clothing
2 of 5 - Memoir
3 of 5 - Resin
4 of 5 - Safe Place (Social Media)
5 of 5 - Resin Chair