Vivienne O'Brien
Behind the Screen

Behind the Screen explores the intimate interplay between technology and our wellbeing, specifically placing a focus on the intergenerational impact of our daily interaction with screens, and looking at the physical, psychological and social element of this impact. I have highlighted this issue through studying three different representative age groups, and showcasing how screens can be used in both a positive and negative manner. My wish is that the viewer interacting with my pieces will start to consider their moral and ethical responsibilities in relation to technology.

“We’re sort of in the midst of a natural kind of uncontrolled experiment on the next generation of children when it comes to screen time” – Dr Gayathri Dowling

Teaching Placements and Community Partners

Mount Anville Secondary School, Goatstown, Dublin 14.
C.B.S. Westland Row, Dublin 2.

Joint Hons BA Education & Design (Visual Communication)

Studio: BA (Hons) Visual Communication

1 of 5 – A take on Cyber Bullying photographed by Vivienne O’Brien.
2 of 5 – Your Personal A.I. photographed by Vivienne O’Brien.
3 of 5 – A Natural Uncontrolled Experiment photographed by Vivienne O’Brien
4 of 5 – Screen Time photographed by Vivienne O’Brien.
5 of 5 – Facial Recognition photographed by Vivienne O’Brien.