Niall O'Loughlin
From Negative Space to Positive Space

An Exploration of the Impact of a Collaborative Art Project on Wellbeing in Junior Cycle.
Through this action research study I wanted to investigate if a collaborative art project can enhance learner wellbeing in Junior Cycle. An underlying intention was to explore the potential of wellbeing as a core component for a curriculum, methodology and practice for a teacher of Visual Art. My objectives were to identify learner wellbeing concerns and use their voice to design, develop and execute a collaborative mural project that could transform a negative space into a positive one and to evaluate its effectiveness in terms of student wellbeing.

Teaching Placements and Community Partners

St. Tiernans Community School, Dundrum, Co. Dublin.
Colaiste Cois Life, Lucan, Co. Dublin.

Professional Master of Education

1. First year learners Wellbeing mural - locker area
2. First year learners Wellbeing mural - locker area
3. Mural board installation
4. Mural board installation
5. Student Process