Alisha Doody
The Starlings Collective: From the Past to the Present...But to the Future?

I am a visual artist and educator working with photography and moving image. As a queer woman based in Ireland, my work has emerged from my exploration of contemporary society through personal experience. As a result of these experiences I began developing an interest in how histories and mentorship can influence the formation of identity within individuals, and collectively within communities. I am committed to ethical and educational engagements working within diverse teaching and learning contexts with the LGBTQ+ community, to understand and represent the effect of the current social and political landscape on this diverse identity, and to the sharing of this research with the communities it involves.

Teaching Placements and Community Partners

Liberties College, Dublin 8 & BeLonG To, Dublin 2.

MA Socially Engaged Art + Further Education

Logo created by Alexandra Hall for The Stairlings, an intergenerational LGBTQ+ history research collective initiated by Alisha Doody, 2018