Thomas James Noone
Play Your Part

I am an illustrator, graphic artist, writer and educator working between the fields of development education and social art practice. Trained as an adult educator, youth practitioner, and a local and global advocate leader for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). My work primarily deals with themes of over consumption, the environment and educational injustice, striving to create digital and physical experiences that enlighten individuals to be socially aware about significant societal and cultural challenges facing humanity. Through problem solving and creative thinking, my combined artistic and educational practice promotes mindful consumerism, social justice and educational equality.

Teaching Placements and Community Partners

Marino College of Further Education, Dublin 1.

MA Socially Engaged Art + Further Education

Zero_Sum Game (2018) - A conscious social art movement that targets the root causes of societal overconsumption and provides a grounded micro-perspective of our individual impact.
Play Your Part (2018) - An experiential creative practice that educates people about the biggest societal and cultural challenges that humanity currently faces, and will face in the future.