Maggie McGrath

‘Connectedness’ stems from the sudden death of my father having fallen through a roof when I was fourteen. It references a sense of continued connectedness through passing thoughts and gentle conversations in times of need; and as a means of processing bereavement. These ideas culminated in the portal as a metaphor for passing through in terms of the afterlife and ongoing emotional connectedness. The structures are created from individually crafted components that are resolved through experimentation with positioning, layering and light.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Material Cultures)

1 of 5 - Are You in Another Dimension - Photographed by Philip Lauterbach
2 of 5 - Portal - Photographed by Philip Lauterbach
3 of 5 - Where Are You Now No. 5 close up - Photographed by Artist
4 of 5 - Communicating Through Glass - Photographed by Artist
5 of 5 - Where Are You Now - sound - Produced by Paddy Burke