Claire McCluskey
Oceanic Feeling: artwork for the National Forensic Mental Health Service

My practice is concerned with the connections that tether us to the world and each other. Drawing from personal observation and socially engaged research, I make works that visualise or interpret the structure of these connections. Developed through research with the National Forensic Mental Health Service (NFMHS), 'Oceanic Feeling' is a light installation and photographic series that has been created for a new hospital facility in Portrane. In consideration of the boundary, of both the institution and the self, the work takes reference from the local coastline to reflect on the space of negotiation between the internal and external; the space through which we connect. This project was commissioned by the HSE via a scholarship from NCAD.

MFA in Digital Art

1 of 5 - Research image: Central Mental Hospital entrance gate, Dundrum
2 of 5 - Navigational aid, 2018. Ink and pencil on paper. Claire McCluskey
3 of 5 - Tidal Lights, 2019. Wall with light sequence synced to local tidal movements
4 of 5 - Shoreline colours and textures, 2019. Photo series. Claire McCluskey
5 of 5 - Primary port tidal information for Dublin (source: