Claire Archbold

My work explores numerous forms of illness and disability in human beings, society and within the medical world. My interest in this comes from having a brain tumour at a young age and later my mam having a stroke and spending months in hospital.
My main area of work is paint (Acrylics) in the contemporary form but I also explore using clay and other materials for sculpture. I did this to give real insight to what is beyond our initial view/sight.
I have always been fascinated by reality through art and the ability to recreate art in numerous forms.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Painting)

1 of 4: Hospitalated, Acrylic pixelated painting of mam's hand while in bed in A&E
2 of 4: Miracles do Happen, radiation mask from 22 years ago, when given 3 months to live
3 of 4: Wheelchairology, close up of mam's wheelchair which she is confined to after having a stroke
4 of 4: Help!!!, same as pixelated image in a more realistic way, waiting on help in hospital