Isabelle Ryan
Temporal Forms

In a vacant studio space, paintings are hung. Where paintings have been made and discarded, ideas scattered and traces concealed beneath layers of white paint. These paintings, too, will be removed, but for this moment - they form a dialogue. Of empty stages, laying in suspense. They are quiet and still. the brushstrokes forming lines of tension, upon a soft, silent surface. You are invited in, becoming part of this set. As you walk, patiently, through this space - you are guided by a series of solid, crumbling forms. Concrete. Interrupting the silence; a reminder of the physicality of the space itself.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Painting)

1 of 4 - "Hum" - oil on canvas (16"x16") by Isabelle Ryan
2 of 4 - "Embedded Series" - concrete slab, fragments of paper and studio rags (15"x12") by Isabelle Ryan
3 of 4 - Installation view of works - oil painting on canvas, concrete floor piece, concrete wall piece. By Isabelle Ryan
4 of 4 - Smock Alley Theatre, The Boys' School stage - photograph by Isabelle Ryan