Niamh-Erin Cusack
the _unseen

We fight over your mass landscape
excavate your hidden treasures
marriages apart from your solar beauty
maturity is unjust,
Unfigured. Oil spills.
Silver spirits.
Flammable transience
Kicking and screaming in duck-blue plush
I no longer ask, as
nothing is without reason.
the yielding sun bears to deal with the
one space as it takes
into your gulping mouthful of tears.
Silky dreams, liquid satin
duck-blue tears - plush giggles no
My work represents childhood memories of the Northern Lights, star constellations and global effects through painting, sculpture, photography and poetry.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Painting)

1 of 5 - "the _unseen", painting & installation
2 of 5 - "Canis Major", sculpture, (wire-mesh, newspaper, plaster & acrylic)
3 of 5 - "the _unseen Konstellation von Weimar nach Saalfeld", collage: painting (acrylic & digital) & photography (Model: Lorenz Hirsch)
4 of 5 - "Libelle", photographed performance (Model: Aoife Ward)
5 of 5 - "Northern Lights", digital painting