Caoimhe Dalton

Caoimhe Dalton is a visual artist currently working with repetition and the uncanny in her figurative imagery. Her practice focuses on hands-on, manual processes such as intaglio printmaking and drawing. Dalton’s work troubles ideas of the self, touching on themes of fragmentation, simulation, memory and the subjectivity of experience. Her practice is informed by the paintings of Micheäl Borremans, Auguste Rodin’s assemblages and Jean Baudrillard's writings on the hyperreal.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Print)

1 of 4 - The fetch I, intaglio print by Caoimhe Dalton.
2 of 4 - The fetch II, intaglio print by Caoimhe Dalton.
3 of 4 -The fetch III, intaglio print by Caoimhe Dalton.
4 of 4 - Cold Choir, installation by Caoimhe Dalton.