Isabella Delaney
The Rise and Fall of Kitsch Doom: Social vs the Individual

Join me, on a journey of grim self discovery. In a newly post-gender world, watch as dual identities Kitsch Doom and Suzie Q fight for their owner's body and identity.
Isabella Delaney works with video and combines traditional and digital printmaking techniques. Her work revolves around gender and identity and focuses on Judith Butler’s theory of performativity and sociologist Mary Douglas’ theory of two bodies. She transforms herself into fictional characters that represent a social and an individual identity. Delaney also challenges traditional rules within fine art by combining kitsch, popular imagery and humour in her work.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Print)

1 of 5 - 'Act 1 Scene 1: Gender Ends!' (2018) multimedia print by Isabella Delaney
2 of 5 - 'My Ideal' (2018) film still by Isabella Delaney
3 of 5 - 'My Ideal Print' (2019) multimedia print on silk by Isabella Delaney
4 of 5 - 'Sink or Swim' (2019) film still by Isabella Delaney
'Sink or Swim', 2019, film by Isabella Delaney