Sarah McDonnell
Roghnú Nádúrtha

Sarah McDonnell's work is influenced by the coastline of Portrane where she grew up, focusing specifically on the wildlife and habitats at the Rogerstown Estuary. Roghnú Nádúrtha (Natural Selection) is a fiction-based outlook into the future of the waterfowl in the area and depicts how they are affected by the coastal erosion and human interference with coastal pollution. Roghnú Nádúrtha is a museum-type archive depicting futuristic new species of birds that have had to adapt to the changing conditions in a factual based manner. The work and research is an ongoing study.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Print)

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2 of 5 - Fictional Bird Species: Longirostris-Tubus
3 of 5 - Fictional Bird Artefact: Coronatum-Colli-Discalis
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