Eileen Malaniff
Leaky Lining

Eileen Malaniff is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Dublin. Inspired by Jungian psychology, she likes to explore the world within. Her work can shock and upset viewers, but she believes by making the invisible visible, she can alter perceptions and attitudes. In this body of work, she shows her provocative side by wearing a costume of rags, pads and tampons, for a ten minute performance in the Seminar Room, Sculpture Department. Unapologetically, she celebrates the natural and universal menstrual cycle. Malaniff’s play on everything period aims to eliminate some of the archaic stigma and embarrassment surrounding the natural menstrual flow.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Sculpture)

No. 1. Fadó Fadó. Installed, mixed media. 745mm x 400mm x 1445mm
No. 2. Man Bag.Wood,Metal, padding,Material, Gents suit, Rolled grass 1000mm x 1000mm x 1150mm
No. 3. Cremation of the Inner Critic. Performance,documented by Annette Barnaville
4 of 5 ‘Let’s Talk Period’
5 of 5 ‘Leaky Lining Costume’ installed