Elayne Harrington
Instrumental by Elayne Harrington (Temper-Mental MissElayneous)

The work explores restriction and oppression with ideas of judgement and punishment, often manifesting in a class context. The central themes are political. The issues that arise spring from the repressive nature of society and the constraint within its systems: addiction/alcoholism, limited access to education, homelessness, generational poverty and classism. The artwork utilises wood, concrete, metal and found items to create pieces which at first glance appear innocent. Reappropriated entities are reworked to covertly interrupt their original function, providing playfulness with aggressive undercurrents. Performance is a vital element, employed by the artist to enhance the potential of the objects.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Sculpture)

1 of 5 - 'Blow by Blow' - rope, ball, fork handle, Ikea serving boards, concrete.
2 of 5 - 'Made to be Broken' - leather speedbag (+/- magnetised), 12oz boxing gloves, magnets.
3 of 5 - 'Clock-In' - shovel, chain, concrete bolt, jubilee clip.
4 of 5 - 'Nth Degree' - mixed wood/metal, boxing components.
5 of 5 - 'Hierarchy of Notions' - concrete, post, mixed wood/metal.